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Go higher 5D Living

Are you wondering whether working with me could help you, but concerned about making a commitment?

Why not book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call. You can discuss what you want to achieve and whether coaching is right for you.

And no worries if it's not, there's no obligation.
Lucie x

Are you tired of the materialistic 3D world that we seem to live in?

Have you heard about 5D but have no idea exactly what it means?

Are you craving another way to live your life, but just not sure how to get there?

The Answer could lie in Changing your Power Source!

Too much voltage powering the wrong equipment and it explodes, too little and it doesn’t function!   Moving from 3D into 5D lets you tap into a new power source - one that isn’t driven by materialism and being controlled by ego but is powered by gratefulness, love and unity, leading you to a life full of joy and bliss.

Sounds great - how do I get there though?

Often we just put up with life and exist.  The  fear of leaving our comfort zone keeps us in this place.  My 5D coaching will help you to explore feelings of unworthiness and rejection, to name but a few. It will help you recognise when ego is in control..   You have to do the work by looking at your ‘stuff,’ but  once you leave your old patterns behind, you really can live a 5D existence.

What’s involved in the coaching?

Looking at how you may currently be plugged into the 3D Grid is an initial starting point.  We can look at what’s keeping you here and then create a strategy to unplug you!

By removing old patterns and blocks, you can learn to live following your heart and not your head.  The result of a changed way of thinking helps move you into 5D living, opening up your life with many possibilities that you might not have believed possible before.

5D Results

There are limitless possibilities when we open up to connecting to the highest light for the highest good of all, which includes yourself!  You will gain an understanding of 3D, 4D and 5D so you recognise which of these you are in, when you react to certain situations.  This helps you become a master of self awareness.  Through analysis, guidance and support, you can learn to flip negative emotional responses to a positive, balanced and honest perspective.  This in turn builds the first stepping stones into 5D consciousness. 

Julie M 5D Living client

Julie M, Retired Civil Servant

An excellent way to explore questions and glean answers in a safe and interesting environment

Louise Ladbrooke.jpeg

Louise L, Life Coach

Working with Lucie I have gained access to such high vibrations of light I never thought possible

Maggi G Emotional Release Coaching Client

Maggi G, Business Owner

 I am more at peace than I have ever been before in my life.

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