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Prior to meeting Lucie I was struggling to cope with the demands and complexities of family needs and relationships.

Through our coaching sessions Lucie enabled me to put in to place strategies that have improved how I respond to situations.

This has resulted in a better understanding of how maintaining boundaries benefits all of my relationships, leading to a happier me!

Thank you so much Lucie, I wish you every success in helping others with your Lucie magic x

Maggi G

Ever wondered if this is all there is to life, been stuck in a rut or known that you want to change direction but just don't know how to do it?

Career struggles, relationship difficulties, parenting issues and lack of self confidence can all have huge negative impacts on your life. For some they can cause feelings of fear and anxiety for others they perpetuate the age-old question "is this it?".

Maybe you've tried reading the latest self help book, or you've started to live a healthier lifestyle. But how many times have you done that before without any lasting effects? How relevant is the advice to you where you are right now?

Working together we will empower you to set achievable life goals, identify the positive choices you want to make and how to make them so you can have a happy, successful life as defined by you. You will create a 'toolbox' of skills to assist you in your change, that can be used by you independently during and after our coaching sessions.


Each ​1-2-1 coaching sessions cost £75 per session, but an initial session is offered free of charge to establish whether we have a positive co-creating chemistry. 

This is your journey, you are in control so you set the pace. Frequency, duration and subjects are set by you.

Each session lasts 60-75 minutes.


Concessions available on request.