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Space - not the final frontier kind!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

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I want to quickly talk to you about space, not the final frontier, but the stuff that gets created after the removal of other stuff. It recently came up in a client’s coaching session and it particularly struck a chord with me, and I feel I need to share it with you.

What is making space?

If you take anything out of your existence be it emotional, energetic, physical or time related, you create a space. This could be people, toxic relationships, jobs, activities. So for those of you working on your Ascension process, your shadow work or doing particular work on yourself, you will be removing anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and that creates a void.

So why do we have a need to fill that void?

One of the most common reasons is that you are coming from a place of fear. You may have the perception that if you do not have things to do all of the time, then you are lazy. Whilst this a very 3D belief, it has been ingrained into our society. You may also fear that being alone will make you feel lonely, and whilst you can see that this is not true when you look at it objectively, fears are not rational! On a deeper level you may fear having the room as this allows you the freedom to explore yourself and you don’t know what you may find. The comfort zone after all is not always comfortable, but it is familiar, and you may perceive familiarity as comfortable as it lessens the chances of you receiving nasty surprises!

So why is the space we create really important?

Putting it very simplistically, in order to bring new things in you need to have the room for them . If your lives are full of things that you don’t want, then there is no space for the things that you do want.You may believe that rest and rengergising is not important, but when you have time you are able to do that. Another benefit of having the space is that you can stabilise yourself, and it is in that place you can understand yourself more and what your needs are. On an energetic level it is where you can move yourself into the right space in order to create something, this is especially important to you if you have recently removed toxic people from there, giving yourself the time to do more releasing and move into a even better place.

Is there a downside to space?

In a 5D world, the simple answer is no.

I'd love to hear about your experiences of making space and the benefits and if you've ever experienced a downside.

Thank you for watching my vlog or reading my blog. My name is Lucie Cullen and I work with spiritual individuals who are trying to expand their spiritual knowledge and talents, but feel frustrated and unfulfilled and can’t always find the answers.

I help them implement holistic practices in both their work and personal life to increase their happiness, self love and confidence so that they can live their life purpose.

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Lucie x

Title photograph of sky by Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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1 Comment

Aug 12, 2022

As I read the vlog on space, I was busy nodding my head in agreement and thinking of little sayings that reinforced the message. Like ,' if you stand back, you'll have more room.' Then I came to the last line, a question, asking something of me, then the fears the vlog mentioned came back. Funny how we will do so much for others but not even give ourselves a little space and time. It's why we need a guide.

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