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The Ascension Process - The Top 5 Aha Moments So Far

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I’ve found, as many of you have, that the last two years have been particularly challenging in many ways. Whilst this might have provided a great opportunity to harness the energy shift and super accelerate the ascension process, I think you’ll agree it’s been far from plain sailing! Here, I want to share with you my own top 5 aha moments over these last two years, so you know you’re not alone and that we all face difficulties on our journey forward.

Lesson 1: It’s easy to slip back but forgiveness and self love really are key.

38, 48, 58 or even 68 years of living in one vibration…it’s breaking the habit of a lifetime. Like breaking any bad patterns, there are going to be times that are going to be challenging, really challenging! Knowing that you can slip, and in 99.9% of cases you will slip, even temporarily, it’s important that you forgive and still love yourself. Know that when you acknowledge you’ve messed up then forgiveness and self love really is the only way. This ensures you move on and keep going with ‘rising to the challenge’. It eliminates some of the despair of ‘failure’ that blocks other resolutions for change. It can be so much easier to not forgive yourself and to give up. But when you recognise that by falling backwards, you are actually moving forwards, then this becomes a game changer!

Lesson 2: Having someone in your team makes life so much easier.

Higher vibrational living involves collaboration and boy does it make the process easier if you have someone to hold your hand along the way! Being in a team is particularly useful for having a supportive ear, understanding that you are not alone and, my personal favourite, holding you to account when you slip. As mentioned earlier it’s important to acknowledge that we all mess up - we are human after all! Breaking the habits of a lifetime doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes you don’t even realise that you have made that breakthrough. When you have someone in your camp who you can share the experience with, it really can help. From encouraging you to giving you a nudge back in the right direction when you are slipping into a low vibration to pointing out when you’ve made a positive shift, it’s great to have someone to help set you back on track.

Lesson 3: Life can feel Lonely and Isolating

You’ve got to this place in your life and you have people around you. Maybe you have a partner and children and you might have work colleagues and friends. But have you still, ever felt lonely? That no one really understands what you are going through? Maybe the people in your life don’t feel like your people anymore? That as you go on your journey, you are moving away from them? Sometimes when we move into a higher vibration and leave all the crap behind, we become aware that we have people in our life that still want us to be wallowing around in their own misery. The crabs in the basket - those with the mentality that if they can’t have happiness neither can you. You may choose to leave some behind and you may choose some you want to keep, but either is fine and developing boundaries in your relationships is essential for you to achieve your life potential.

Lesson 4: Nobody can do this for you - the responsibility is yours and yours alone!

Going to a multitude of healers all sounds very spiritual doesn’t it? But your ascension process is the path that you walk in order to get to the destination that you have chosen. So who do you think needs to do the work? That’s right, it’s you! Whilst therapies are a great help in moving blocks and creating the space to heal, only you can heal your stuff. You can treat the wound with the splinter, but if you don’t get the splinter out the wound is going to fester. It’s the hard bit that we all have to face at some point, looking at stuff we don’t want to and working on this openly and honestly with ourselves.

Lesson 5: Ascension can have physical, emotional and psychological effects.

Ever wake up and feel like you were working all night even though you’ve been asleep? Do you have days that you can’t seem to perk up even though there’s nothing tangible to understand why you feel this way? Are you finding yourself so incredibly hungry and yet can’t stop eating (and gaining weight)? Or maybe you’ve lost your appetite? Shifting vibration causes many physical shifts in your body. Some are from the actual ascension process and some are the deeply rooted emotional dumps that you have placed into different parts of your body. The list of symptoms is huge, Shannon Kaiser from Play with the World has written a great article about it - see the link here:

So whilst these were my top 5 lessons from the past two years, you may have had different experiences and challenges but hopefully some of the above resonates with you. I’d love to hear of your experiences and what your takeaways have been. After all, we're all in this together! Lucie x

Thank you for reading my blog. My name is Lucie Cullen and I work with spiritual individuals who are trying to expand their spiritual knowledge and talents, but feel frustrated and unfulfilled and can’t always find the answers.

I help them implement holistic practices in both their work and personal life to increase their happiness, self love and confidence so that they can live their life purpose.

To receive updates, offers and lovely stuff that's relevant to you, let's do an energy exchange. Just contact me here . I promise to keep your email safe, and treat it with love and respect.

Lucie x

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Aug 10, 2022

We should patiently re-read things, as, without doubt, we will have missed an understanding or not even 'seen' what was there. This is an excellent blog and the link so worth opening. If we cannot make the time to discover something for ourselves, why should anyone else bother for us. I appreciate the sentiments shared by Lucie, now, time to do something about it. Thank you again.


Jul 06, 2022

Despite my knowing and trying to live by the following aphorisms, without Lucie's insightful and compassionate guidance, they would have remained, just words to admire. The presence of a willing guide is essential. Until you receive the help, you don't realise how much you needed it.

You won't find out until you ask, I know.

How foolish to seek in the outside world that which resides within. Zen

When I let go of who I am ….. I become who I might be. Lao Tzu

The seed gives up its identity – sacrifices itself - and out of sacrifice a tree will grow.

Life exists through sacrifice – sacred.

Until a person practices, ponders and draws the meaning out of…

Lucie Cullen
Lucie Cullen
Jul 06, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for the lovely words. I particularly like "Your choice - it always is." Lucie x

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