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What is Shadow Work?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Shadow work seems to be the buzz phrase of the moment , but what is it and what does it involve? Here is an easy to understand explanation and three exercises to get you started on exploring your shadow self.

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is the exploration of the limiting part of yourself that lurks in you but is not consciously seen. It is the work that as a Life Coach I explore with clients as part of any coaching session, and requires seeing in order to heal and self grow. Shadow work can not be done by a healer on you, although as with all healing therapies it can place you in a position to feel more open and accepting to do self growth work. It a vital part of the Ascension Process in the journey towards 5D living.

1. Start looking at the part of other people that you don't like.

We’ve all had that one person in our lives that really grates on us, rubs us up the wrong way or just makes us want to scream and run from any social engagement that they turn up to. Look at the parents at the school gates, work colleagues, the person that works in the petrol station, you get the point. They just really piss you off and leave you bristling for hours after the interaction with them.

They are your mirror, what is it you don’t like about yourself that they are mirroring back? This is not to be confused with everything you don't like in other people is because you have that trait in yourself, sometimes the opposite is true and your aversion comes from the fact that their behaviour in contrast to the part of you that needs addressing to reach your full potential.

Whatever it is, go there. Start by writing down what is causing you to feel unsettled and work back to what it is that you don’t like about yourself.

2. Examine your family and upbringing.

Look at the beliefs that have been passed down to you from your parents, and ask yourself how much of that have you taken on as your own?

Harvard studies from the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child show the huge importance that supportive and nurturing influences in developing children have on the success, stability and confidence as adults. How much of your childhood was stable? Did your parents teach you emotional intelligence and what a loving and nurturing relationship was? One of the challenges that I have seen from many of my clients is the ability to stop protecting their parents from any form of questioning of bad parenting. It is useful to remember that no part of shadow work is about blaming and shaming others in how you have become formed as an individual, but rather to develop an understanding in order that you can take a new path for the future.

3. Bring the shadow part of you into meditation.

A useful exercise that I have been working on has been confronting the shadow part of myself in meditation. It is useful to ask the following questions….

  1. Where can I feel blockages in my body?

  2. What emotion do I feel when I connect to the blockage?

  3. How long has the blockage been there?

  4. Who put it there?

  5. How has this blockage served me? What path have I taken in my life in order to satisfy this part of me?

Once you have identified the answers to these you can release the shadow part of yourself by any means that you see fit, hand it back to the person that it belongs to as you no longer want it to be part of you or ask for some higher self to take it away. If you feel the need to fill the area with a higher light.

Shadow work is a process rather than an exercise. It can take a lengthy amount of time, depending on the circumstances and where you are at with your life. It is highly rewarding, but can be challenging, so always remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself as you work through your discoveries.

Lucie x

Thank you for reading my blog. My name is Lucie Cullen and I work with spiritual individuals who are trying to expand their spiritual knowledge and talents, but feel frustrated and unfulfilled and can’t always find the answers.

I help them implement holistic practices in both their work and personal life to increase their happiness, self love and confidence so that they can live their life purpose.

To receive updates, offers and lovely stuff that's relevant to you, let's do an energy exchange. Just contact me here . I promise to keep your email safe, and treat it with love and respect.

Lucie x

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