Why networking is good for all business types (not just office based ones)

You may believe that business networking is only relevant for traditional office based businesses - but it isn’t. The Holsworthy Business Networking Group was established to assist businesses from all industries including construction, farming, manufacturing and beauty. Here is a simple guide to the benefits of attending your local free networking group.

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1. Making new contacts and connections

Probably the most obvious benefit of attending a networking group is the contacts and connections you will make within the area, with like minded individuals. Having a relaxed and comfortable setting for introductions can make you feel more able to talk about your company and sell your services than highly pressurised environments such as trade shows and open days. The leads that are made at networking meetings tend to be of a high quality, and are much more likely to convert into new business or collaborations in the future.

2. Raising profiles - both your’s and your company’s

The truth is that whilst online sales are at an all time high, people still like to buy from people as long as the price is right. By attending local networking, your company’s profile is attached to the personable side of the business, in other words YOU. Meetings are an opportunity to present yourself and allow potential customers or referrals that are based on credibility due to the face to face contact. You may also gain other opportunities for speaking or writing partnerships and create supportive Facebook following.

3. Gain from other people’s experience

Ever wondered where you can ask for advice on a new business venture? Look no further than your networking group. Ranging from long established businesses to new ventures, there is something to learn from the knowledge and expertise that makes up your local community. Is there any other setting where you can pick the brains of an expert for free?

4. Build a strong business community

Let’s face it, it’s tough out there on your own. By being part of a group that aims to support and create a positive and uplifting community, you are going to benefit from the satisfaction of helping others as well as the help you receive. Being a community also brings perks such as greater buying power, offsetting of services and creating a business community voice.

5. Gaining and developing personal skills

As business growth is dependent on your ability to communicate about your business, what better opportunity to hone those skills than at a networking event. By pushing yourself to talk to people you don’t know, you will increase your self confidence and your confidence in your ability to positively promote your product or service.

So whether you are a sole trader or a large corporate, spend your days in an office or out on a construction site, newly formed or fifth generation family business, Holsworthy Business Network offers you a warm welcome and encourages you to join one of our upcoming meetings.

The format is simple, bring business cards, buy a drink and get chatting.

Meetings are currently held in The Kings Arms, 5.30-7.30pm on a informal drop-in basis.

Meeting dates

Thursday 11 October

Thursday 13 November

Thursday 13 December


“I have attended the Holsworthy Business Network meetings. It has been encouraging to engage with other business owners, to hear their stories and how they got set up and what inspired them. The meetings are a social event that support my business and vice versa. After one of the meetings, Jill Tallon, the landlady of the King’s Arms referred me to a customer of hers, who had gone in for lunch and had mentioned his sore toe. I saw him that day and he has since become a regular patient of mine. I have also sent my clients to Jill’s tanning salon.That’s networking!”

Debbie De Ste Croix - Owner Holsworthy Foot Clinic https://www.theholsworthyfoothealthclinic.com/

“A great event! It was fantastic to find out just how many services Holsworthy can offer and I'm sure this is just scratching the surface. It was lovely to meet friendly, motivated people who are really looking to push their businesses forward.”

Matthew Dennis - Owner Matthew Dennis Hypnotherapy


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