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5D Spiritual Development Coaching

Are you wondering whether working with me could help you, but concerned about making a commitment?

Why not book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call. You can discuss what you want to achieve and whether coaching is right for you.

And no worries if it's not, there's no obligation.
Lucie x

Are you interested in any aspect of your spirituality?

Have you tried groups, books, videos, courses but never really felt like you’ve understood any of it, much less developed your knowledge and understanding?

Do you feel like other people’s perceptions of spirituality just don’t sit quite right with you?

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with an uncompromising and rigid approach?

So many of my clients’ have told me that they don’t know where to start or they just don’t relate to the image that ‘Spiritual Development’ conjures up for them. I can understand that dancing around a Stone Circle at midnight or holding hands in a circle chanting OM noises whilst swaying in the wind just isn’t for everyone!

A Different Approach ………..
I’m of the mind that you should be comfortable to explore your own spirituality in a way that suits you.


The coaching that I offer can be taken at your own pace on a one-to-one basis. My aim is to help you on your journey of discovery with a sense of fun, enjoyment and lightness!

Spirituality - No Knowledge, Some Knowledge, Lots of Knowledge?


Whichever of the above you think applies to you, I can help take your knowledge to the highest vibrational connection possible. I believe that everyone’s spiritual journey and path is different; There’s no right or wrong and it’s what you learn on the way that’s sometimes more important than actually arriving!

In what way will this Coaching benefit me?
By exploring your spirituality, you become in touch with the ‘real’ you and this can have profound effects on many other areas in your life.

My approach is to teach you simply to quieten your mind. From this, we can then work together to create a personalised toolbox with many different techniques. I don’t believe in telling you anything, I aim to teach you how to listen to yourself and offer guidance and support.

Sarah M 5D Happy Business Coaching

Sarah M, Holistic Business Owner

My confidence on this new career path is booming

Louise Ladbrooke.jpeg

Louise L, Life Coach

I have gained access to such high vibrations of light I never thought possible

Maggi G Emotional Release Coaching Client

Maggi G, Business Owner

 I am more at peace than I have ever been before in my life.

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