Being asked to make a speech at a wedding is a huge honour, but making a speech can be nerve wracking even for the most confident of people. There is a pressure to perform well which adds to the fear and anxiety.


Everyone wants to do their absolute best, but for some it doesn't come easy. In reality this can mean the wedding breakfast missed due to loss of appetite, the ceremony a blur due to mild panic and the 3 course meal...well let's just get the speeches out of the way and we can start enjoying the day.

There are online speech writing guides out there for the content, Kalms for the nerves and the most popular at the weddings I've attended, hitting the bar for dutch courage!

With my wedding speech coaching, you will learn

  • how to create content to write the perfect speech for you

  • how to combat nerves and keep calm and relaxed so you can enjoy the whole day

  • how to create a flowing, natural sounding speech

  • how to control breathing to eliminate 'shaky' speeches

  • how to increase your self confidence for an impressive delivery

Wedding speech coaching is available either through one to one coaching or with one of my custom built packages.

Gold package   £125

Free no obligation initial consultation

3 coaching sessions (including pre-wedding session)

Ongoing email support

Silver package   £85

Free no obligation initial consultation

2 coaching sessions

Bronze package   £45

Free no obligation initial consultation

1 coaching session

- Packages are available at my North Devon office     or via Skype or Zoom

- Travel to client will be charged at mileage rate.

- Pre-wedding session will be 24 hours prior to       wedding day but is subject to availability.

For more information or an informal chat to discuss contact Lucie.