Frequently asked questions

What can I use success coaching for?

The simple answer is anything that you can set a goal for. So whether it's personal, business, small or large if you have an end goal then success coaching could be for you. The only prerequisite is you have to want to achieve the goal and be prepared to look at things with an open mind. Sounds easy? That's because it really is.

How often do I need to attend coaching sessions?

That is entirely up to you. For someone with an urgent goal, once a week may be appropriate. For a long term goal that may need more work, fortnightly or even monthly may work better. At the initial session we will work together to set the timeline and frequency, but if you are ever feel you want a change in pace, you can rearrange your appointments accordingly.

How long will a coaching session last?

An initial consultation will last between 60 and 90 minutes. Coaching sessions last between 60 and 75 minutes. Always allow long enough on the parking so you are totally relaxed, focused and in the moment.

How will it work?

The initial meeting is a preparation meeting. It is a one hour, NO OBLIGATION consultation and will set the basis for our coaching relationship to commence. This meeting is FREE OF CHARGE. At this point frequency of further meetings, means of meeting (Skype, telephone or face to face) and duration of coaching will be agreed, as well as discussing the areas we will be focusing on. The first session is the start of the coaching process. We will talk through your goals and desired outcomes and ways to succeed. Each session will look at your progress, and provide you with tools and exercises, that when practised (initially in sessions and then as 'homework' between sessions) will evoke the transformations that you wish to fulfill. At the end of the coaching program you will be given a summary report of all the tools and skills that you have developed and implemented. This will also include a maintenance program for you to use to effectively reinforce in your new life. A month after your coaching is completed I will contact you, either via email or telephone to discuss any issues that have arisen since our sessions ended. This is an ideal opportunity to review the maintenance of the coaching plan and discuss any relapses you may have experienced.

What will you expect from me?

To be successful, coaching asks certain things, all of which begin with intention. Additionally, I would ask you to: - Focus on yourself, the tough questions, the hard truths and your success. - Observe the behaviours and communications of others. - Listen to your intuition, assumptions, judgments, and to the way your words sound when you speak. - Challenge your existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and develop new ones that serve your goals better than before. - Develop personal strengths and overcome limitations to achieve success. - Take decisive actions, however uncomfortable and in spite of personal insecurities, to reach for the extraordinary. - Show compassion for yourself while learning new behaviours and experiencing setbacks, and to show that compassion for others as they do the same.