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Lucie Cullen Life Coach

Read some success stories from clients who have worked with me and be inspired to join them in creating a happy life

Julie M 5D coaching client.jpg

Judy Moody

Retired Civil Servant

When I attended the Living a Happy and Successful Life in 5D workshop, I was looking to find the tools to help me find the direction in life that I was lacking. This had resulted from having had unexpected changes to life which also had a detrimental effect on my self confidence.

Lucie helped me understand my self limiting beliefs, and the obstacles I had put in the way that stopped me. I was able to create strategies in order to move on with my life and rebuild my confidence.

Working with Lucie is an excellent way to explore questions and glean answers in a safe and interesting environment.

Sarah M 5D coaching client

Sarah May

Holistic Business Owner

I approached Lucie for coaching to help me convert my business ideas into paying customers. I had been reluctant to get help previously as I did not know that such a service existed, and I was wary of spending and not getting results.

I was amazed at discovering the power of Lucie’s coaching. 

Through questioning, she managed to help me identify the narrative for my business and create a successful business plan. My business has expanded seven fold with new customers and my confidence on this new career path is booming.

Maggi G emotional release coaching client.jpg

Maggi Gardiner

Business Owner

Prior to coaching with Lucie, I was struggling to cope with the complexities of family conflict.

Through our coaching sessions, Lucie enabled me to understand my emotions and implement a processing stage which wasn't there before. This empowered me to stop suppressing emotions and deal with disputes calmly and positively.

This has resulted in a more confident me with an increased self worth and I have resolved my family conflict. I am more at peace than I have ever been before in my life.

Are you wondering whether working with me could help you, but concerned about making a commitment?

Why not book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call? You can discuss what you want to achieve and whether coaching is right for you.

And no worries if it's not, there's no obligation.
Lucie x

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