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The Power of Positive Thinking

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I want to share with you a quick story, a true story, in fact it’s the story of yesterday’s lunch.

I was informed on Monday that home on Tuesday was going to be busy and noisy with major construction work. Momentarily I was hacked off, but promptly I caught myself slipping into low vibration, so I flipped it (aka turn that frown upside down) and seized the opportunity to go to my new coastal retreat to work for the day. As it was quite short notice to arrange all the necessary equipment AND food, I decided I would treat myself and go to one of the fine local establishments for my lunch - silver linings and all that. Anyone who knows me, knows that dietary consideration is the MOST important factor of any outing. So off I set for the day, all prepped, ready and eager.

Lunchtime came and Plan A failed when I felt too introverted to sit in the busy restaurant.

Time to move to Plan B…order takeout from the chosen establishment.

After a quick phone call I was informed they didn’t do takeaway, but after talking to the manager it was agreed that as I was in a residence just a few doors down, of course they could do a takeaway for me. There was a stipulation that I must order and pay in the restaurant. I promptly headed over.

This is when Plan B hit bumps in the road, not just one, a multitude, in fact so many that it became like a ride on the dodgems.

It came to light that the manager who approved the takeaway hadn’t told anyone else of his special dispensation for me.

The member of staff informed me they didn’t do takeaways and would have to check with their manager.

The manager that the member of staff spoke to wasn’t so keen on doing this special favour - they don’t do takeaways, not even for those in nearby coastal retreats.

OK they could do a takeaway as a one off, but don’t ask again, because they don’t do takeaways.

They could only do certain foods as takeaways, as their takeaway containers were unsuitable for some things.

My choice of Thai green curry wasn’t on the list of things suitable to go into the containers.

I threw a spanner into the works here as the Thai green curry was the only thing on the menu without wheat. I can’t eat wheat - not won’t, can’t.

They could line the container with tin foil.

Hurrah! I was to be fed…at this point I was so famished I could have eaten a scabby horse.

And then came the final blow - I was informed they didn’t have any Thai green curry.

Now I’ll be honest, there was a time when I’d have blown my top, wandered off, moaned to anyone that would hear me (I had a list of contacts on speed dial for just this kind of thing), but on this occasion I reverted to my new thinking - It never happened as something better is just waiting for me.

Off I wandered on my quest and fell upon Moran’s, possibly one of the most beautiful and elegant restaurants in the area. Wonderful aromatic and authentic Thai food. Of course they would do me a takeaway, and yes I could borrow cutlery if I promised to bring it back later. Oh and have a glass of ice cold water while you wait and some complimentary prawn crackers.

And then it came out in an exquisite pink bag! The joy!

It was the best Thai meal I have ever eaten.

The reason I am telling you all this? There is a valuable lesson for us all in this story. When things aren’t working don’t feel angry and disappointed. Take a moment, raise your vibration and know it was never meant to be, as there is something even more wonderful just around the corner.

Lucie x

Thank you for reading my blog. My name is Lucie Cullen and I work with spiritual individuals who are trying to expand their spiritual knowledge and talents, but feel frustrated and unfulfilled and can’t always find the answers.

I help them implement holistic practices in both their work and personal life to increase their happiness, self love and confidence so that they can live their life purpose.

To receive updates, offers and lovely stuff that's relevant to you, let's do an energy exchange. Just contact me here . I promise to keep your email safe, and treat it with love and respect.

Lucie x

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