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Flying high 5D business coaching

Are you wondering whether working with me could help you, but concerned about making a commitment?

Why not book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call. You can discuss what you want to achieve and whether coaching is right for you.

And no worries if it's not, there's no obligation.
Lucie x

Looking to start, expand or turn your hobby into a business, but unsure where to start?

Have you attended countless courses and workshops but felt they are a bit ‘blanket’ in their approach?  Too much emphasis on ego and the corporate world?

If you’ve been told that you need to  think with your head and not your heart in business and you are not sure you agree, then read on!  My aim is to show you that when you turn this statement on its head (forgive the pun!) you CAN have a successful business with a heart led strategy that really gets results!

Putting the Fun back into Business

I am not denying that Business can be tough but working all hours doing something that you aren’t enjoying, bogged down by problems is just not fun.  I am sure it’s not what you envisaged when you set out either.  It’s easy to lose your focus and keep your vision when dealing with mundane everyday tasks. This coaching aims to put the fun, enjoyment and success back into the running of your business.

Why Consider this Coaching?

When you don’t know which way to turn, problems seem insurmountable and you are floundering or lacking direction, then a great starting place is to seek some help.  Whilst there is no instant miracle cure for efficient cashflow or staffing issues, identifying a clear strategy is a great starting point.  Identifying what’s holding you back and being honest about your situation and where you want to go is key. By building a solid foundation, you can continue onwards and  upwards with heart, soul, passion and enjoyment, making some money along the way!

How I can help you put the Happy back into your Business?

Once we’ve examined what you really want and where you want to go, we can start on the action. We can do this by breaking down what can seem like huge tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks.  I can help you prioritise and organise and with regular meetings we can track progress and measure results.  Feeling supported and free to express your thoughts openingly and honestly is a major part of this process.


The Happy Results

By working our way together through what you want and having a clear strategy on how you will achieve this, you will soon start to see positive results.  Guidance on communication and networking is something I can also help you with, as well as analysis of your business and branding.  We won’t leave any stone unturned!    By focusing on the direction you want to go in and believing in yourself, you really can have a happier, healthier,  thriving business that’s a reflection of you!

Maggi G Emotional Release Coaching Client

Maggi G, Business Owner

 I am more at peace than I have ever been before in my life.

Sarah M 5D Happy Business Coaching

Sarah M, Holistic Business Owner

My confidence on this new career path is booming

Kim P 5D Happy Business Coaching

Kim P, Business Owner

By putting in place the strategies we developed, I have seen a threefold increase in clients 

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