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5 Ways To Feel More Supported On Your Spiritual Journey

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One of the questions that you ask the most is how do you find support on your spiritual journey, as the awakening process can feel very solitary and daunting. With so much information out there, where do you start? Here are some ways to help you feel more supported during these times.

1. Read books

There are many books out there, but I have two books that I regularly reference. The first is Louise L. Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. Most of you will have heard of Louise L Hay, either from all her wonderful work, or as the founder of Hay House Publishing. This book is an entry level on spiritual matters, but it is also the book that I refer back to now the most, even being at an advanced stage of my journey.

The second book I would recommend is Joseph Communications - Your Life After Death. It is less well known than many other publications, but this book explains about the spiritual ‘system’ and why you are on your spiritual path, not just life after death. There are of course many others written works out there, but these two have been the standout in my learning, because of their durability.

2. Create a buddy system

Anyone who knows me or has heard me talk about my work, will be aware of how I buddied up with Louise Ladbrooke, another Life Coach, to assist me along my spiritual journey and how well it worked for the both of us. You can find a friend with similar goals to you, to buddy up with. You would be looking for someone to support you by listening and asking questions of you, and vice versa as when you learn, they will be learning too.

3. Join a group of like minded people.

This could come in the form of meeting up at local meditation groups, spiritual groups, or networking groups for people similar to you. If you can’t find those groups yourself, why not try organising something of your own? It doesn’t need to be formally structured; a few years ago I would meet up with a few friends, in the comfort of our homes, over a cup of tea. The purpose of these gatherings was to talk, discuss, question, meditate and connect. We all know that connection is so much stronger when there is more than just one person, this can be a very powerful assistance.

4. Find an Online community.

There are many spiritual youtubers, my favourites have been Tim Whild (, and Steve Nobel (, who I had the pleasure of working with on a weekend workshop a few years ago. There are many others out there, and you will know which ones resonate the most with you.

5. Get a coach

My final suggestion is that you find yourself a Spiritual Life Coach or a Life coach with a spiritual leaning, someone who can help you with your baggage and help you change patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck. Many life coaches offer a free Discovery Call, so that you can see if the chemistry works, as you need to feel safe and supported working with them. Finding the right person is a powerful way to progress your work.

On a final note, don’t forget to cherry pick. Use discernment to find out what will work best for you. Remember to connect to your heart, not your head, to decide which support is right for you. As you expand you will move on, so don’t be afraid to leave behind anything and anyone that no longer serves you.

Thank you for watching my vlog or reading my blog. My name is Lucie Cullen and I work with spiritual individuals who are trying to expand their spiritual knowledge and talents, but feel frustrated and unfulfilled and can’t always find the answers.

I help them implement holistic practices in both their work and personal life to increase their happiness, self love and confidence so that they can live their life purpose.

To receive updates, offers and lovely stuff that's relevant to you, let's do an energy exchange. Just sign up for the Light Revolution Club by pressing here and filling in your details I promise to keep your email address safe, and treat it with love and respect.

Lucie x

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What a pleasure it is to be encouraged so beautifully to engage in the joyful possibilities that a spiritual journey offers to each and every one of us. Time now to play our part. Thank you.

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